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Scholarly Google Searches

Google is running a new ‘research’ engine called Google scholar. Still currently in beta it appears to have some great legal resources available. You might want to take a look.

Click on this link: http://scholar.google.com/ to give it a test drive.

Name search in the on-line court records!

If you suspect that a creditor may be planning to sue you, do not wait for “proper service”. Unfortunately you may not know what is “proper service” of a lawsuit. Also a disreputable process server may lie about having given you court papers, when in truth you never received them. Always give your creditors an […]

Exorbitant interest and unfair fees

Most people do not realize that credit card companies have set them up to fail. Many creditors want you to go over limit or be late on a payment so that they can charge you over limit fees and late fees and increase your interest rate. That is how they make the most money. That […]

California Senate Bill 94 Update

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 11th, 2009 SIGNED: October 11th, 2009

Senate Bill 94 prohibits any person — including a real estate licensee or California attorney — from offering or negotiating “foreclosure rescue” or “loan modification” services where an advance fee is charged before performing all services provided in the contract. The law […]

Strength In Times Of Trouble

The times, they are a-changing, is the title of an old Bob Dylan song from the nineteen sixties. You may be too young to remember it, or too old even, but the theme of the song was no more true back then, when flower power and peace and love were going to overtake […]

An Introduction To Bankruptcy

Welcome. My name is Rob Curatola and I specialize in bankruptcy law.

Many people qualify for bankruptcy protection from creditors. In the U.S. everyone has the right to apply for the cancellation of debts every seven years and this is as it should be.

The Bible also supports the […]



My name is Aurora Dawn Harris and, in addition to being the proprietor of The Honest Lawyer I am an attorney who specializes in consumer debt protection and general consumer fraud cases.

Please visit my web site and blog at The Harris Law Firm.

If you have inquiries about any matter, please use the […]